The very first mention of Sherry wine comes from the Greek geographer Strabo in the 1st century BC. From Xera, the name given by the Phoenicians to the region where Jerez stands today, this nation of traders produced wines which were then exported throughout the whole Mediterranean Basin, especially to Rome.

Pedro Ximenez (PX) is a naturally sweet sherry wine produce in Spain in the Jerez region.Pedro Ximenez is probably the sweetest wine in the world. Yet despite this, its aromas and flavour make it fresh and harmonious on the palate as a result of the natural process of « raisining » by ‘asoleo’, or frying the grapes in the sun.

Pedro Ximenez (PX) second hand barrels Tasting:

In the nose its bouquet is extremely rich with predominantly sweet notes of dried fruits such as raisins, figs and dates, accompanied by the aromas of honey, grape syrup, jam and candied fruit, at the same time reminiscent of toasted coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa and liquorice.