THE ALTE ROAK team is above all a team made up of experts in their respective fields. Expert in barrel maturation, wine spirits and beers : oenologist, R&D, master blender for spirits, an international logistics team, customer managers in the field, always as close as possible to our customers. 

So much skill and experience made available to you by our company to best meet your needs.

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Our History

  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2013
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • In 2006 we registered the patent for BARENA process to naturally regenerate barrels. Shortly afterwards, our BARENA process was awarded the Innovation Trophy. Unique in France, this Oenovation® Trophy encourages innovation by entrepreneurs who invent and undertake. Indeed, the selection is made on the basis of four criteria: economic and innovation potential, the quality of the project team, and the product's contribution to the wine and spirits industry.

  • At VINITECH 2008, our BARENA process won first prize in the international innovation trophy. Indeed, this trade show, which brings together nearly 45,000 professionals, rewards innovations in the wine and spirits sector. More than just a reward, this trophy, reserved for equipment, process or technical suppliers, is a true recognition of the profession.

  • In 2013, ALTER OAK designed the first range of technological auxiliaries. Indeed, in response to the growing needs of our customers, we have created a range of products to refine the taste of your wines and spirits. A range that we improve and modify over time.

  • In 2017, ALTEROAK registers a new patent: CARACTERE DUO. This new product, reserved for wines, uses the latest technological innovations in oenology. Indeed, thanks to our innovation our customers are now able to improve the structure, stability and longevity of their wine. Thanks to CARACTERE DUO let's improve your wines and make them change category.

  • In 2019, after many years of experimentation, ALTEROAK registered a patent for barrel toasting. Indeed, BARENA "tech-oenology" which consists in toasting barrels through the bung, without opening the bottoms. This revolutionary technique allows us to be more efficient and to respond in the best possible way to customer needs.




Patent Caractere Duo

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