Technology auxiliaries to enhance the aromatic profile

Technological aids

To continue to refine the desired taste, ALTEROAK produces a wide range of wood-based technological aids, and accompanies you in the choice of wood.

The company’s know-how and knowledge of the various French forests allows it to select wood of very high quality.

Technology auxiliaries

We offer a wide range of wood-based technological aids and we accompany you in the choice of these in order to refine the desired aromatic profile.  These technological assistants are aimed at wines, beers and spirits with their specificities for each product.



A blend of ellagitannins and oak wood mannoproteins, totally soluble in white and red wines. Combines the benefits of mannoproteins and oak tannins. It will enhance the structure and mouth feel allowing the wine to show a greater aromatic intensity and complexity.

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Improves the stability and longevity of wines.

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Liquid Oak extracts, and Caractère


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