Tokay, Tokaj or Tokaji, a famous Hungarian appellation, is also the oldest controlled appellation in the world. Very famous since the 18th century, it is able to produce one of the most expensive wines on the wine scene. And rightly so! Its sweet wines in oak barrels are simply incredible!

The origin of this wine is as charming as it is unexpected: Its winemaking secret is said to have been found by pure chance in the 17th century, following the threat of a war that had delayed the harvest. The soldiers who came back later than expected saw their harvests past, yet they still decided to harvest late the dehydrated and Botrytis affected grapes… Lucky chance of History, the result was absolutely astonishing for this Hungarian wine!

Tasting Tokay, Tokaji or Tokaj Casks and Barrels :

Tokaji is a pure nectar: this sweet and very unctuous white wine has strong notes of honey, candied fruits, and roasted aromas… it has its inimitable touch!

The second hand barrels and used barrels that contained Tokaji will bring to your spirits and beers wonderful aromas as well as a very interesting exoticism from Hungary.